German made Möller Wedel-HH Cambinox - a combination of high-quality 7X35 binoculars and a sub-miniature precision camera taking 10x14mm exposures on 16mm film. This very rare collector's item dates from the late 's. My father bought it new in Germany. Comes complete with an f3.5/90mm Jdemar lens, the original box, instruction manual and carrying strap. Serial numbers - binocular/camera - 15, lens - 08. For its age, the camera/binocular is in fine shape. Most of the camera leathers are present, and apart from an authentic age-related patina, there is no corrosion. Look at the photos and judge for yourself.
I recently saw one for sale on-line in the same condition as mine for $900 U.S., and another in Germany (in new condition) for $ U.S.
$450 CDN, or best offer.